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DIGITAL Ultimate Warm Up Book
Trumpet Practicing, How to Practice the Trumpet

Through years of teaching, Mr. Droste came to the realization that students are trying to bypass Basic Skills to play songs. He wrote this book to teach others how to master all aspects of trumpet technique. With these Basic Skills mastered, one can successfully play all types and styles of music.
The Following passages are taken From The Ultimate Warm-Up for Trumpet by: Michael Droste. This 100 page, 10 chapter book goes through all aspects of Warming Up / Basic Skills. Included are: air exercises, lip buzzing, mouthpiece work, long tones, tonguing, flexibility exercises, scales, range and phrase studies, it's all there, with all of the information sequenced appropriately to optimize your practicing! This 100 page book is printed on 24lb. 25% Cotton Fiber Writing Paper. (archival quality, acid free) The book also contains a complete set of all the articles from It is made to last the test of time. The Ultimate Warm Up: Practice Guide The first step in determining a practice schedule is to define your goals and level of commitment. The more time you are willing to devote towards improvement, the greater your results. It is my firm belief that many of us were never taught correctly. We were taught to concentrate on individual pieces of music for concerts, or exercises from band method books, and not on the basic skills that are required to play the trumpet! You must do the work from the following chapters in this specific order to obtain the highest rewards from your practice efforts. Above all, practice as consistently as possible and try to never skip more than one day of practice.


DIGITAL Ultimate Warm Up Book


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