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Below are a listing of popular method books:

Arban: Complete Conservatory Method, ed. Goldman and Smith (C. Fischer)

Arban: Methode complete, ed. Maire, 3 vols. (A. Leduc)

Clodomir: Methode complete, ed. Job (A. Leduc)

Saint-Jacome: Grand Method (C. Fischer)

Elementary Methods

Clarke: Elementary Studies (C. Fischer)

Gordon: Physical Approach to Elementary Brass Playing (C. Fischer)

Longinotti: l'Etude de la trompette (Editions Henn)

Ridgeon: Brass for Beginners (Boosey & Hawkes)

Robinson: Rubank Elementary Method (Rubank)

Wiggins: First Tunes & Studios (Oxford)


Bordogni: 24 Vocalises, trans. Porret (transposition) (A. Leduc)

Bousquet: 36 Celebrated Studies, ed. Goldman (C. Fischer)

Brandt: 34 Studies and 24 Last Studies, ed. Vacchiano (Belwin-Mills)

Broiles: Have Trumpet . . . Will Transpose (transposition) (C. Colin)

Chavanne: 25 Characteristic Studies, ed. Voisin (International)

Clarke: Technical Studies (C. Fischer)

Clarke: Setting Up Drills (C. Fischer)

Colin: Advanced Lip Flexibilities (C. Colin)

Endresen: Supplementary Studies (Rubank)

Gallay: 22 Exercises, ed. Maire (A. Leduc)

Glantz: The Complete Harry Glantz (C. Colin)

Goldman: Practical Studies (C. Fischer)

Gower and Voxman (ed.): Rubank Advanced Method (Rubank)

Hering: 32 Etudes (C. Fischer)

Hovaldt: Lip Flexibility (R. King)

Kopprasch: 60 Studies, ed. Gumbert and Herbst, 2 vols. (C. Fischer)

Laurent: Etudes pratiques, 3 vols. (A. Leduc)

Maniscalco: Leonardo Maniscalco, trumpet player with the Rome Opera House orchestra, has published two books of trumpet etudes. La sonorità e la tecnica, vols 1 and 2. I really like these!!!

Pares: Scales (Rubank)

Salvation Army: 101 Technical Exercises (Salvation Army)

Schlossberg: Daily Drills and Technical Studies (M. Baron)

Skornicka: Rubank Intermediate Method (Rubank)

Smith: Lip Flexibility (C. Fischer)

Staigers: Flexibility Studies, 2 vols. (C. Fischer)

Stamp: Warm-ups plus Studies (Editions Bim)

Vacchiano: Trumpet Routines (C. Colin)

Zauder: Embouchure & Technique Studies (C. Colin)


Andre: 12 Etudes caprices dans le style baroque (piccolo trumpet) (Editions Billaudot)

Balasanyan: 20 Studies, ed. Foveau (International)

Balay: 15 Etudes (A. Leduc)

N. Bizet: 12 Grandes etudes de perfectionnement (A. Leduc)

Bodet: 16 Etudes de virtuosite d'apres J.S. Bach (A. Leduc)

Broiles: Trumpet Baroque, 2 vols. (piccolo trpt.) (Queen City)

Charlier: Etudes transcendantes (A. Leduc)

Clarke: Characteristic Studies (C. Fischer)

Duhem: 24 Etudes (C. Fischer)

Gallay: 12 Grand caprices, ed. Maire (A. Leduc)

Gallay: 39 Preludes, ed. Maire (A. Leduc)

Harris: Advanced Studies (C. Colin)

Hickman: The Piccolo Trumpet (Tromba Publications)

Longinotti: Studies in Classical and Modern Style (International)

Petit: 15 Etudes techniques et melodiques (A. Leduc)

Petit: Grandes etudes (A. Leduc)

Sachse: 100 Etudes (transposition) (International)

Smith: Top Tones (C. Fischer)

Webster: Method for Piccolo Trumpet (Brass Press)

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