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Trumpet Players With Braces Are A Common Problem
My students have successfully used these. They are flatter than others and 'mold' to each individual. Watch, Be Careful so that you try to keep a 'trumpet embouchure'.
There is a tendency to change the form of the lips. Do not let that happen. This product might last a week or a month depending upon use.

The quick, dependable and reusable orthodontic shield that provides lip protection for musicians and all brace patients. Protects lips from cuts and irritation caused by dental appliances or sharp, irregular teeth. Enables an individual to devise personalized protection without professional assistance. Promotes healing by covering the major source of irritation. Stays in position until removed. Will not slip or slide. Feels like normal lip tissue. Lasts for weeks under normal use. Includes ample material in one kit to form several tissue protecting shields. Since no two dental braces or mouths are identical, neither should any two guards be identical.

What this product will do is GIVE TIME for the student to adjust to the braces, it is generally NOT a long term solution - there really isn't any - But it helps during the transition period so the student IS NOT FRUSTRATED and then the student can adjust over a few weeks to the braces.

Order Braces Solution for Trumpet Players

You can also use dental wax, but it can get 'stuck' in some types of braces and it could take time getting it in and out - but it does work.

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